Tango in Chania
May 17, 2017

Cycling in Chania



Cycling in the prefecture of Chania is a favorite habit of the residents and visitors. The Mediterranean-sunny climate of the city of Chania allows everyone to enjoy a stroll along the coastal road and the old harbor.

Of course, in addition to being a hobby or a way to relax, cycling has also entered the sporting track, as various cycling clubs offer knowledge and preparation of Olympic levels. From time to time races are organized by bicycle clubs and they are all welcome to take part in some of the competitions.

Geomorphologic diversification at regular intervals (beaches, mountains, plains, canyons) seems to attract more and more visitors each year that combine ride-excursion-bike-swim in the beach.

As for the lovers of the bumpy road, the prefecture of Chania is the perfect destination for MTB. The mountains, forests, gorges and ravines await all visitors to experience moments of action and adrenaline. Also, MTB competitions are organized several times a year for all visitors who want something more organized.

The Mediterranean climate and geomorphologic differentiation make the prefecture of Chania the ideal destination for cycling enthusiasts.